Special Recognition Award Recipients

The following support staff, employed by Okemos Public Schools, have been honored with an OEF Special Recognition Award

Baldwin, Peggy (2017) Learning Center Aide, OPM at Central
Boardway, Jim (2022) Chippewa Student Supervisor
Bowen, Lisa, (2018) Kinawa Administrative Assistant
Branch, Kathy (2004) Principal, Wardcliff
Buhs, Janet (2008) Special Education Administrative Assistant
Camann, Ellen (2006) At-Risk Teacher, Chippewa Middle School
Chapman, Errin (2015) Media and Technology Team
Clarkin, Derm (2014) OHS Student Supervisor
Cobbett, Sue (2007) Community Education Teacher (KEEP Program), Central Elementary
Donaldson, Shawn – Central ASD Classroom Parapro
Ethington, Matthew (2015) Media and Technology Team
Flood, Linda (2010) Transportation, Bus Driver
Frank, Mariann – Central ASD Classroom Parapro
Garber, Gayle (2005) Enrichment and Sr. Citizen Coordinator, Community Education
Green, Kenneth B. (2008) Lead Custodian, Chippewa
Greenberg, Lori (2011) At-Risk Aide, Cornell
Grettenberger, Krista (2017) Learning Center Aide, OPM at Central
Hassenger, Lynna (2012) Food Service
Hickey, Catherine (2013) Social Worker
Hicks, June – Central ASD Classroom Parapro
Hunter, Kathy (2012) Administrative Assistant, Central Montessori
Janssens, Meg (2006) LMC Specialist, Central Elementary
Lee, Hei-Won (2017) Learning Center Aide at OPM at Central
Lewis, Ryan (2015) Media and Technology Team
Maki, Kathy (2013) Hiawatha Librarian
Martin, Kathy – OHS Resource Room Parapro
Mankowski, Gayelord (2005) Meridian Township Police Dept. Community Liaison, Wardcliff
Molenda, Stacey (2016) Executive Assistant
Nanzer, Jen (2022) Hiawatha At-Risk Aide
Nicholas, Kathy (2015) Media and Technology Team
Ottinger, Matt (2004) Technology, (2015) Media and Technology Team
Rolley, Cyndi (2010) OHS Registrar
Sartorius, Drew (2015) Media and Technology Team
Sharp, Todd (2009) Transportation
Shore, Kathy (2015) Media and Technology Team
Tague, Sue (2017) Food Services Administrative Assistant
Ugorowski, Brian (2014) OPS Theatre Technical Director
Walworth, Rhianna (2017) Central Office Administrative Assistant
Warren, Doug (2022) Hiawatha At-Risk Aide
Wenzel, Judith (2007) Administrative Assistant, Community Education

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