Keith Schroeder - 1998

Keith Schroeder is owner and President of Schroeder Builders, Incorporated. He was born and raised in central Michigan where he learned carpentry from his father, then ventured into property development and home building. Because of his broad vision and high standards, Keith quickly built his own successful business providing quality homes for area residents.

Mr. Schroeder is also President of the Meridian Alliance of Developers. Under his guidance, this organization provided both counsel and funds to construct walkways into the wetlands at Okemos High School. This project allows students and community members alike to study the flora, fauna and wetland wildlife year round.

Throughout the years, Mr. Schroeder has earned a reputation for intelligience and integrity. His wisdom has provided counsel to many individuals and organizations. He supports the community with time, energy, and funds, focusing on enriching the lives of others.