OEF Distinguished Alumni Award

Honoring the significant accomplishments of Okemos Alumni
2018 Nomination Deadline: April 1


Nominees for the OEF Distinguished Alumni Award must meet the following requirements:


Nomination Criteria

  • Must have graduated from Okemos High School.
  • Cannot currently be members of either the OEF Board of Trustees or current members of the Okemos Alumni Association (OAA) Executive Board.
  • Must be living (no posthumous nominations).
  • Cannot have previously received an award in this category; however, previous OEF award recipients may be nominated for a different OEF award.
  • Must have distinguished themselves through achievement and/or actions of an exceptional nature in any field, vocational or voluntary, while also showing humanitarian concern. Preference will be given to those individuals who have maintained a high level of accomplishment or service over an entire career, rather than a single remarkable achievement.

Further, the selection committee will consider the following:

  • Has this candidate had a wide-reaching impact on the profession and/or community in which the candidate has been active?
  • How has the candidate worked to improve the lives of others? How has the candidate “given back?”
  • In what ways have the candidate’s achievements been truly extraordinary?

Nomination Process

The Okemos Alumni Association is coordinating the award selection process for the 2018 OEF Distinguished Alumni Award. Submit candidate names to OAA president Rod Ellis: rodellis1000@aol.com if you would like to nominate an Okemos alum for this award. Nomination deadline for the Distinguished Alumni Award is April 1, 2018. (This is different from the deadline for the other OEF Awards.)


Honoring the OEF Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient
This award recipient will be honored at the 2018 OEF Awards Banquet along with the other 2018 OEF Award recipients. Learn about the annual OEF Awards Banquet


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