Adam Clements, head shot, brick background

2018 Commitment to Excellence Award Recipient

Adam Clements is from Midland, Michigan, where he proudly attended public school. The foundational experiences of learning, self-discovery, and creativity, cultivated by brilliant and dedicated teachers, set his standard for excellence and sparked his passion for educating young people. He received both his Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and Master of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum from Michigan State University and completed part of his Master’s coursework in Cape Town, South Africa.

Adam teaches fourth grade at Hiawatha Elementary School. Known to his students as “Mr. C.,” he is inspired by the hardworking, friendly, and joyful atmosphere he and his students create in Room 430. This classroom family's kindness amazes Adam and drives his commitment to teaching.

Any glimmer of “Okemos excellence” others may see in Adam he attributes to the teamwork and friendship of his colleagues. They are his dream team and his therapy bench. His Hiawatha family works together to create the best possible learning opportunities for all their students.

Also important to Adam is his own family – his mom, dad, and two older brothers. They are the “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” to his Oz. Their support allows him to lift his potential and succeed past his limits. He hopes they understand the deep gratitude he feels.

It is this sense of family - in the classroom, at school, and at home - that has made the first six years of Adam's teaching career so awesome. He looks forward to many more collaborative, humorous, and excellent years to come.

2018 OEF Awards Banquet
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