2022 Dean Bolton Volunteer Service Award Recipient

Niki Robinson is a devoted leader, wife and mother of three children. She is involved as a volunteer in many aspects of the Okemos Education System for both the safety of children and as a mentor. In the Okemos School District Niki served on the DPTO and PTO, as a Lunch Aid and classroom volunteer, Student Supervisor at the high school, as well as a parent representative on hiring committees. She has also participated in various community forums including inclusion, equity and diversity. She enjoys encouraging children to believe in themselves and make better choices as they become the best of themselves. Niki is always seen with a smile. She currently has two children attending the Okemos School District and one attending their first year of college. Niki’s favorite quote is “Heeeyy, good morning and have a wonderful day at school” and to close the day out, “Have a good night and see you all in the morning.”
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