Kara Dokter

2015 Commitment to Excellence Award Recipient

Kara Dokter began her teaching career 14 years ago in 6th grade at Kinawa Middle School but "graduated" to 7th grade along with her students the next fall. She is grateful to teach in a district with so much support from parents, administrators, and colleagues. Her passion for learning about other cultures and world events is one that she loves to pass along to her students. She also enjoys being involved outside of the classroom through participation on professional committees, advising the theater club, helping to plan the 7th grade camp program, and coaching 7th grade volleyball.

Kara is a proud Spartan alumna. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Inter-Disciplinary Studies with a concentration in International Studies, a cognate in Geography, and a minor in English. She enjoys reading, traveling, and visiting her hometown of St. Joseph, Michigan to spend time with her family, especially her six nieces and nephews.