Frequently-Asked Questions about the OEF APPLE Award Program

Where does the $20 fee go?


The $20 cost of an OEF APPLE Award is a donation to the Okemos Education Foundation, so it is tax-deductible (as allowed by law) for the sender. The fee is added to the OEF’s General Fund for use in support of Okemos students.


Will the $20 I paid for my APPLE Award be given to the teacher I honored to be used in his/her classroom?


The full amount of the donation is put into the OEF General Fund and is used to fund grant requests and educational programs that the Okemos Education Foundation supports. These programs benefit all Okemos schools (all 7 buildings) and students at every level of the district.


How will I know that my APPLE Award order has been received or that my award has been delivered?


The OEF will email you a receipt when your award has been printed, so you’ll know that we received your order. Once the award has been printed, it is delivered within 1-2 days (perhaps a bit longer if we have to mail the award).


I ordered an APPLE Award but did not receive an emailed receipt.


If more than a few days have passed, please email the OEF. We’ll check our records and make sure your order reached us.


Is there a deadline for sending an OEF APPLE Award?


No – you can send one at any time, even during school breaks or over summer vacation.


Can I give an APPLE Award to a staff member who has retired or left the district?


We’ll do our very best to send your award to the staff member’s new address. If we aren’t able to locate the honoree, we will contact you and offer a refund.


Do you have a different question? Please email us and ask!


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