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2020 Commitment to Excellence Award Recipient

Cyndi Webster graduated with honors from Earlham College, a small private college in Richmond IN, as a Sociology/Anthropology Major, with a semester abroad in Europe. She attended the University of Michigan, where she was awarded a Masters in Information and Library Science degree and received a K-12 Library Media certificate. Cyndi is starting her 15th year with the district, and is currently the Director of the Library Media Centers at Chippewa and Kinawa Schools.

Coming from a long line of educators, including her parents, Cyndi was raised in Lansing, MI and had the great opportunity to live overseas in Great Britain, and travel in Yugoslavia and Germany for college. She also lived in Japan while her father did a teacher exchange program with Lansing Public Schools and their sister prefecture Shiga.

She is lucky to come from a family of world travelers who have visited or lived on every continent (including Antarctica), which has formed her worldview on the importance of our global community and her joy in learning about various cultures.

Reading, of course, is a passion of hers, as is fighting climate change. She loves that libraries help to share valued resources and reduce the strain on our overburdened environment. She also loves to garden, hike, explore genealogy and visit her local library.

Libraries intersect all of her career interests of equitable access to information and research, a love of reading and literature, and joy in working with young people. Cyndi believes that libraries are one of the backbones of democracy.

When asked about her time in Okemos, Cyndi says, “I have been lucky to work for Okemos and a staff that has, time and again, stood up for libraries when others in the state have been shortsighted and decimated their school libraries’ staffing and funding.”

Thank you, Cyndi, for all you do for all of our students and staff. Congratulations!

2021 OEF Awards Banquet
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