2022 Commitment to Excellence Award Recipient

Christine Skoutelas has twenty years of experience teaching at the high school level. She taught Biology and Earth Science in Romeo, Haslett, and Grand Ledge before coming to Okemos and working as a special education resource room teacher. Christine brought the LINKS Peer to Peer program to Okemos in 2013. Six students were enrolled in a pilot program that first year, and the enrollment has continuously grown. There are currently 63 students taking the class this semester. This year Christine began a new role focusing exclusively on the LINKS program and also serving as Special Ed Coach for the building. She is married to a very handsome and stubborn – excuse me, STRONG – Greek man and she has two delightful children – Penelope, who is 10, and Daphne, who is 8. She grew up in Okemos and she feels lucky to work in a community with so many different types of support, resources, and opportunities for students. In her free time, Christine enjoys reading, writing, and creating.

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