Okemos Education Foundation Board of Trustees

The OEF is governed by an all-volunteer board of trustees, people who are passionate about high-quality education and about Okemos students.
Trustees are selected from the community and are asked to serve at least one 2-year term.

2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Current Trustee List

    Sue Hallman - Chair
    Pratin Trivedi  - Vice Chair
    Bidhan Redey - Treasurer
    Jen Hall-Berman - Asst. Treasurer
    Deborah Baughman 
    Sara Roland
    Tena Sinila
    Mary Gebara - OPS School Board rep
    John Hood - OPS Superintendent

OEF Trustee Responsibilities and Expectations

  1. Ensure that the mission, vision and values of the OEF are carried out in board actions.
  2. Serve at least one 2-year term.
  3. Be a positive and well-informed ambassador for the OEF by conveying the OEF’s mission within the community.
  4. Actively participate in board meetings, which are held monthly, generally on the 3rd Thursday of the month, starting at 6:30pm. The OEF relies on the wisdom, expertise, and creativity of each Trustee to carry out its mission; therefore, it requests that Trustees miss no more than 2 board meetings per year.
  5. Actively participate in at least one OEF committee (Development, Awards, Publicity, Finance, Grants, Administrative).
  6. Attend and volunteer at the OEF Awards Banquet and other OEF events.
  7. Make a personal financial contribution to the OEF annually and actively help with fundraising.
  8. Address conflicts of interest appropriately and honor the confidentiality of any donor information.
  9. Help recruit new board members.
  10. Respect and appreciate the diversity of ideas and individual backgrounds of other board members.
  11. Non-Discrimination Policy

    The Okemos Education Foundation adheres to the following Non-Discrimination Policy, which is renewed annually by the full Board of Trustees:

    It is the policy of the Okemos Education Foundation to provide equal membership/ employment/service opportunities to all eligible persons in compliance with state and federal guidelines. There shall be no discrimination against any applicant or employee because of age, color, disability (handicap), sex, height, marital status, national origin, race, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socio-economic status, veteran status, weight, or any other reason prohibited by applicable laws.

Do you have time and talents to share with the OEF?

Complete a short OEF Trustee application and meet with an OEF trustee to learn more about how you can help.

Deb Baughman, Tonya Rodriguez, and Angela Wilson
Cathy Ash and Marna Wilson
Ron Styka, Michelle Mitchell, Dean Bolton, Punya Mishra and Smita Sawai
Dante Ianni, Ron Styka, Deb Baughman
Cathy Ash, Dean Bolton, Minesh Mody
2008 OEF Trustees
2016 Banquet
Sue Hallman, Martha Kliebert, Aly Boggs-Smitley
2016 Banquet
Pratin Trivedi, Smita Sawai, Deb Baughman, Sarah Wohlford
2016 Banquet
Not pictured:  Kim Midgley and Michelle Mitchell
2016 Banquet
Ron Styka, Rod Ellis, John Bjorkquist (OHS science teacher, retired)
April 2016
Ron Styka, Deb Baughman, Karen Brown