OHS English teacher Amy Huntley and OHS graduate Katie Slivensky, each holding the books they authored, in the OHS library

Okemos graduate shares her journey as an author

Class of 2003 graduate Katie Slivensky returned to Okemos September 27-28 to share her middle-reader novel The Countdown Conspiracy. Katie, a scientist with the Museum of Science in Boston, shared her path to becoming a writer with OHS students in a special writers’ workshop. She also visited with students at both Kinawa and Hiawatha (where she attended elementary school). Katie credits several Okemos teachers with inspiring her career and writing passion, specifically Hiawatha 3rd grade teacher Fred Martinez and OHS English teacher Amy Huntley. During the OHS writers' workshop, Katie talked about how she generates ideas for her stories and about the importance of taking writing breaks to let your imagination work freely. She answered questions and talked individually to students who are in the process of writing their own books.

The OEF was proud to provide partial funding for Katie’s OHS workshop through the OEF Micro Grant program.

Photo: OHS English teacher Amy Huntley and OHS graduate Katie Slivensky, holding the books they each have authored.

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