Lifesaving Lessons at Kinawa

Kinawa students had the opportunity to learn First Aid and CPR skills this year as part of a special exploratory class. Teacher Sheree Jungwirth is a licensed CPR instructor who created the class to allow 5th and 6th graders the opportunity to learn valuable lifesaving skills, including CPR and the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) device. Students completed the American Red Cross Adult/Child/Infant CPR/First Aid/AED course during the class and had their new skills tested through both practical and written exams.

Meridian Township paramedics visited the class at the end of the session. Paramedics demonstrated their equipment and role-played what would happen during a real emergency. Students started CPR using an AED device, then saw exactly what the paramedics would do when they arrive on the scene. “Early CPR is critical to a patient’s survival,” says Lieutenant Jeff Rommeck. “Chest compressions are important because they move blood around the patient’s core, delivering oxygen to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and brain.”

Paramedics also talked to the students about the information that a paramedic would need to know from them during an emergency situation and warned them about some aspects they might not have considered. “You may hear bones breaking or smell burning hair. That happens sometimes; just keep going until we get there to take over."

This experience will hopefully give students the confidence to put their lifesaving skills to use, should they ever be faced with an emergency. “You are helping your community,” Lieutenant Rommeck told the students, “and you’re helping the fire department.”

The OEF partnered with the Kinawa Parent Group to fund the purchase of the manikins and AED machines needed to offer this valuable class to Kinawa students. Ms. Jungwirth hopes to expand the program next year to reach more students and is looking for funding to purchase additional equipment. Would you like to help make this possible? Please donate today.

Meridian Township paramedics pictured:
Bill Priese, EMS/Training Chief
Jeff Rommeck, Lieutenant
Corey Pant, Firefighter

HOM TV spotlights Kinawa’s CPR class

Two adult paramedics with CPR equipment demonstrating techniques with several students on a classroom floor
Paramedic works with students on a CPR manikin
Paramedic shows electronic equipment to students
pile of CPR manikins on table in classroom

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