After-School Clubs and Organizations

The Okemos Education Foundation funds extra-curricular student clubs and organizations in every building and at every grade level in the district.  These clubs provide important opportunities for our students to explore new interests, develop leadership skills, and interact with peers in a safe environment.  Many graduates agree that it is these extra-curricular experiences that shaped their happiest school memories.


# of Okemos students involved in after-school clubs and student organizations


# of clubs funded by the OEF in 2016-2017


Amount of club funding provided by the OEF from 2010-2017

OEF-Funded Clubs 2017-18

Okemos High School
ACTION – All Connecting to Improve Our Neighborhood (community service)
Connect – Freshmen Orientation and Mentorship
Quiz Bowl -- Competitive Trivia Team
Asian Club
Black Student Union
Drama Club
Earth Club
OHS Success Series
Political Club
SADD -- Students Against Destructive Decisions
World Language Club
Chippewa 7/8
Art Club
Computer Coding Club
Homework Club
Kinawa 5/6
Archery Club
Cross Country Club
Science Olympiad
Bennett Woods Elementary
Safety Patrol
Chieftain Champs
Cornell Elementary
Safety Patrol
Student Government
Chieftain Champs
Hiawatha Elementary
Safety Patrol
Chieftain Champs
Okemos Public Montessori at Central
Safety Patrol
Culinary Club, sponsored by Great Lakes Hand Surgery Center

Funding provided by the OEF

2010-2011    $19,331
2011-2012    $68,397
2012-2013   $67,686
2013-2014   $71,506
2014-2015   $46,815
2015-2016   $50,256
2016-2017   $40,500
Total:           $364,491

OEF-Funded Clubs: FAQ

How does the OEF decide which clubs are offered?

We don't.  The list of which clubs will be offered each year is determined by the administrative team in each building.  The OEF simply decides how much funding it is able to contribute to the district in support of clubs, and the district determines which clubs it will offer. 

If the OEF is funding my student's club, then why am I asked to pay a fee?

The funding that the OEF provides for clubs covers only the stipend and related benefits to pay the clubs' faculty advisors.  It does not cover supplies, field trips, or other related expenses.