Teacher showing students scientific equipment in OHS classroom

Electrophysiology: Active Learning at OHS

OHS biology teachers now have specialized equipment to give their students an active learning experience in the study of neuroscience. OHS teacher Colleen Palmer requested an OEF grant to purchase three Human to Human Electrophysiology devices, equipment which allows users to see (and feel) how the human brain transmits messages through our neurons. Our brains […]

Adult holding snake in Kinawa classroom with students observing

Exploring Michigan Native Snakes

Kinawa students had an up-close and personal experience with Michigan snakes in David Pruden’s Outdoor exploratory class. Jim McGrath from Nature Discovery in Williamston brought several species of native snakes. He talked about their life cycle and impact on the ecosystem, while also sharing interesting snake facts and dispelling common myths. Students had the chance […]

Boy standing next to Tower Garden in Chippewa classroom

Learning about Plant Life with a Tower Garden

There is a tower of growing herbs and vegetable plants in Chippewa teacher Tarrah Miller’s classroom. The 6 ft tall indoor growing system both complements the grade-level science curriculum and provides an interesting focus for student observations about plant life. 7th grader Daniel Reid has taken a special interest in the project, even staying after […]

students crowd around owl pellet

Exploring Owl Pellets

Ever wonder what an owl eats? The 3rd and 4th grade students at Okemos Public Montessori at Central can tell you. They dissected owl pellets as part of a science unit on animal structure this winter. Owls consume their prey whole, then regurgitate a mass of indigestible parts. These hard, dry pellets can be pulled […]