Teacher showing students scientific equipment in OHS classroom

Electrophysiology: Active Learning at OHS

OHS biology teachers now have specialized equipment to give their students an active learning experience in the study of neuroscience. OHS teacher Colleen Palmer requested an OEF grant to purchase three Human to Human Electrophysiology devices, equipment which allows users to see (and feel) how the human brain transmits messages through our neurons. Our brains […]

TEacher Dawn Reed and students using alternative seating

Flexible Learning Spaces – 2015 OEF Grant

In the spring of 2015, OHS English teacher Dawn Reed received a grant to create “flexible learning spaces” in her classroom. Her room now offers students three workspace options, each accommodating 4 students per group: traditional individual desks, low round tables, and high-top tables which allow students to either sit on a backless stool or […]