Student thank you for KidBlog grant

Blogging: powerful and fun learning for 5th grade writers

Kinawa KidBlog Subscription

Laura Kampf and 5th Grade LA Teachers, 2016

In the fall of 2016, Kinawa teacher Laura Kampf requested an OEF grant to purchase an online subscription to KidBlog for every 5th grade language arts classroom. This child-focused blogging program gives Kinawa teachers a new and fun way to help Okemos students hone their writing skills. As Kinawa teacher Joan Ferguson explains, “Although many of our language arts teachers were new to blogging this year, Kidblog has made it easy for them to get started.” Blogging “has allowed our students to share experiences and ideas with an audience instead of just their teacher. Students are more motivated to write well because they know their classmates will be reading and commenting on their work.”

Blogging has been integrated into the curriculum in many different ways, including journal writing, writing about current events or assigned reading passages, practicing correct writing formats, learning to give appropriate feedback and have meaningful discussions through commenting, self-reflection, cultural diversity projects, book reviews and more. The blogging site also allows students to add visual interest to their writing (background images, color, varying fonts, etc.), making the experience more fun and creative for our young students.

Laura Kampf’s class created a slideshow of their impressions of Kidblog, scroll through and see how the program has impacted our 5th graders. The Okemos Education Foundation is grateful to be able to fund creative and fun educational tools like KidBlog. Thank you, OEF donors!

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